Most Useful Tools or Apps of 2008

For this week’s Yammer question, we asked the team ‘What’s the most useful tool or application on any digital platform that you discovered in 2008′?
Good question… better answers:


  • Netvibes (or any RSS reader) has changed my life. I now have one central starting point for 90% of my web browsing. – Augi
  • I have to go with Yammer. I didn’t think I’d like it, but, at least on some level, it keeps me connected with the hum of our FL office. The casual conduit dramatically lowers the barrier of communication and the exchange of ideas and culture we’ve seen since we adopted (compared to email/telephone) is incredible. -Brian
  • Google Reader (top subscription is Techmeme). Can’t live without it! –Chris F.
  • JOTT and -Rich
  • I’d have to go with (basically nerd heaven). It has an achievement system and is extremely informative. -James
  • I have to say Google docs, because I lose everything but my gmail credentials, now I can take notes, save work, and even use spreadsheets as a ghetto Lighthouse. –Josh G.
  • Since I love music, I’d have to go with the Shazam iphone app. -Elissa
  • Cinema 4d. Coming from a more complex background of Maya and 3DS: it’s been a great challenge to learn something more simplistic, but just as powerful. The CS4 suite is great too. –Josh C.
  • Evernote. All your work and personal notes synced from Desktop, Web and iPhone. Categorizable, tagable and searchable. Nothing better for a grocery list than that! -Melissa
  • Netvibes - It’s my central hub to start the web. I check my email, and any social network that I participate in just one tab, then I read news, posts and anything else that intrigues me from there. -Omar
  • Video chat application, multi-player games, VOIP applications for the Flash Player and AIR are now possible with a new project from Adobe code named Stratus. Client to Client communication, VERY DOPE! –Rey
  • I am using Spiceworks for IT inventory managment, Help Desk ticketing, IT Services data management, and reporting. It’s powerful, runs locally, and best of all, free!” -Clinton