What’s your Digital Phobia?

In honor of Friday the 13th…

When Friday the 13th first opened in 1980, digital wasn’t even on the radar.  Tron was still 2 years off and Matthew Broderick’s nerd-classic, WarGames, another year after that.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re still just as afraid of psychos in hockey masks as the next guy, but our increasingly digital lives have created a host of new fears.  So, in honor of things that go ‘bleep-blorp’ in the night, what is your digital phobia?

  • My digital phobia is the seemingly infinite ‘memory’ of the internet.  How many times have you searched for something and seen results from years ago… and the medium isn’t even that old.  Imagine how much data will be searchable in the future.  It’s not just the politicians that have their past scrutinized any more.  Every college candidate, prospective employee, or caregiver can have their opportunities dashed by a single indiscretion.  Not that I, of course, have anything to hide… -Betsy
  • Hitting send too early when I am typ -Marc
  • Getting my pinky cut off, in turn not being able to do my keyboard shortcuts. -Bryant
  • Perdismusicaphobia! The Fear Of Losing All My Digital Music Collection. -Omar
  • Losing all my photographs, because sadly even though we all know we should back up our computers, it doesn’t always happen in time.   Also, open access to information.  I equate Social Media with functional tools for not only legal, but socially accepted stalking and it scares the hell out of me. -Rachel
  • Guess my biggest digital phobia (apart from being completely exposed as a know-nothing hack) is the loss of digital altogether. Many of us have grown so accustomed to working in a digital world, we can’t even remember how to function without it.  I can’t even remember the last time I “wrote” a letter.  Even filling out a birthday card seems like a burden.  I just want to type it.  And what about our cellphones?   Many people don’t even have regular phones anymore.  Long story short, I fear losing what we have.  Imagine living in a world where you have to “talk” with your mouth, “write” with a pen and “stalk” someone by actually getting off your ass and hiding behind the shrubs across the street from their home. -Garett
  • Simultaneous multiple hard drive failure! - David
  • My fear is being caught on web cam in my Snuggie. -Clinton
  • My biggest digital fear is that my iPod autosyncs with a computer with only the full Milli Vanilli box set on its iTunes. That and nuclear winter, in no particular order. -Alex
  • My fear is  of someone stealing my photos or artworks and using them for commercial gain in a country where I could take no legal action. -Larissa
  • Accidentally reply-all-ing something inappropriate! -Melissa
  • My biggest digital fear is putting work out there and having it completely flop.  -Augi
  • Not reading the “legal” lines carefully of social network websites and finding out that my photography is actually now owned by them, to reproduce and sell at their will, versus me! -Tracy
  • Fear that someone will publish a book of all my IM conversations I’ve had since 7th grade. Also, that when you “empty your recycle bin” the data still exists for those who are smart enough to retrieve. -Lindsay